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Library Services

The Information and Referral Services Department offers the following services:
  • Circulation/Reference/Information Services
  • Technology (ICT) services
Circulation/Reference/Information Services 

The Department's basic function, is to facilitate and monitor the circulation of library materials from the National Collection (Books by Ugandans, on Uganda). In addition, the Department is  also responsible for inter library loan, and circulating non-book materials like periodicals. Our work at the Circulation Desk, involves connecting Patrons with information materials, especially books. We do it expeditiously with the help of our Integrated Library Management System. We are also responsible for the stacks, which constitute a significant portion of the Library's physical part.

We charge and discharge library materials (books, periodicals and cartographic materials), and provide basic search and reference services in the use of the Library and placement of Information resources. We have a rich reference collection, with materials such as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Almanacs, Atlases, Year Books and Gazettes. Furthermore, we are responsible for maintaining order in the stacks by re-shelving library materials, at the end of each session. 

Our Circulation Desk also acts as a service point, where we register Patrons and receive payment for entrance to the Library. It is located at the main entrance of the Library.