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Our Vision

To be an institution of excellence and preserving Ugandans intellectual cultural heritage and information provision

Our Mission

To collect, preserve and disseminate Uganda’s documented intellectual and cultural heritage, provide professional leadership in library and information delivery and promote a reading culture.

Our Mandate

To Collect, Organize, Preserve and Disseminate Uganda's Documented Heritage and to oversee Local Governments and Communities in the establishment and management of Public and Community Libraries.

Library Services

National Library of Uganda offers the following library services: Circulation Services,Reference Services,Current Awareness Services,ICT services

ISN Numbers

The National Library of Uganda has the power to allocate international numbers to publishers in Uganda as per the National Library of Uganda Act 2003.

Legal Desposits

The national library of Uganda has the mandate to enforce the legal deposit law.

National Library of Uganda Services

Our Downloads

National Bibliography 2021

Our Partners