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Rules and Regulations

  1. Access to the Library is strictly by Library pass. A Library pass can only be obtained after paying the entrance fee.

  2. Silence is to be observed in the reading area.

  3.  All books are to be used within the reading room. "BOOK" includes every part or division of a book, newspaper, magazine, gazette, report, pamphlet, and map.

  4. Patrons must leave their National Identity Card behind when borrowing books from the National Collection.

  5. Photocopying library books is not allowed.

  6. Backpacks and Briefcases are to be left in the bag area, near the entrance at no extra charge.

  7. All Patrons entering or leaving the Library in possession of books, newspapers, envelopes, handbags etc, must show them to the staff at the Reference/Circulation/Information Desk.

  8. Mobile Phones must either be switched off or put in silent mode. Do not receive any calls from the Library.

  9. No discussions are allowed in the Library.

  10. After reading books from open access, please do not reshelve them, just leave them on the table.

  11. Any Patron caught tearing or cutting or ripping pages out of a book, will be dealt with accordingly.

  12. Please note that, the Library is a PUBLIC SPACE. National Library of Uganda does not provide supervision and cannot accept responsibility for any loss of property.