National Library of Uganda offers the following library services


  • Circulation Services
  • Reference Services
  • Current Awareness Services
  • ICT services

Circulation Services

Library circulation comprises the activities around the lending of library
books and other material to users of NLU. These include books and
periodicals (magazines and newspapers). The reference and information
desk is the main public service point.

Reference Desk

Information and Reference Desk

Reference Services
NLU Reference section houses the Library's reference books. These are
materials which are meant to aid research by providing quick and accessible

information on any particular topic. They include encyclopaedias, atlases,
dictionaries, almanacs etc.

reading section

Reference Section

Current Awareness Services

A list of new library acquisitions is always displayed on the notice board for
Current Awareness Services. Interested readers are free to look up what they
want and request for it, from the information and reference desk.


Notice Board

ICT Services

NLU offers the following ICT services

Photocopying and Printing Services.

  • The library offers photocopying & printing services at a subsidized rate.
  •  Internet Services
  • The library offers free 4G Airtel Wi-Fi internet to its users, and has a fully
  • connected computer area for users without laptops.

Computer Area