Local Content for African Libraries (LOCAL)

Over view of the LOCAL project

The Local content for Afican Libraries(LOCAL) project is a collaborative program between Worldreader, the African Library Association and Institutions(AfLIA), the Library servicess in Ghana, Uganda and Zambia, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Worldreader is pairing digital technology and locally-created e-books with extensive trainin, capacity building, and support to help library systems in the three countries-Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia- develop the resources and knowledge they need to improve their ability to help children access and read content in their mother tongue. Worldreader will work with 9-10 libraries per Country, acquiring 60 local language e-books per country, split between two languages.

In Uganda, two regions were selected ie. central and western parts of Uganda. In which Luganda and Runyoro were the selected languages to be uploaded on to the devices. Five libraries were selected from each region, Central had National Library of Uganda, Nakaseke public library, Zigoti Community Library, Masaka public library and Kawempe youth center and Western had Hoima public library, Kabarole public library, Mubende public library, kabwoya public library, Buseruka public library.

Before the projects were implemented in the 10 libraries,the following had to be done

Library visits were made on the infrasturacture, content, resources/capacity, programming in and out of teh library, monitoring and evaluation pf programs, training of trainners workshop which was for two days,