Mr. Adonia Katungisa (Director)

Adonia holds a Master’s degree of Science in Information Science (MSc.Info.Sc.)- MUK, 2005; a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS)- MUK, 2001 and a Bachelor’s degree of Library and Information Science (BLIS) – MUK, 1997. 

He is a professional Librarian, administrator, Library and Information Science (LIS) trainer/ Lecturer with a working experience of more than 17 years. Currently, he is working at the National Library of Uganda as the Director and at Kyambogo University as Part-time Lecturer on the LIS Program (1999 –to- date)- Areas of specialization being Knowledge Organization and Management, Records Management, and Information Technology. 

He previously worked as the Deputy Director at the National Library of Uganda for a period of 8 years (2010 - 31st/ 06/2018) where he was incharge of Human Resource, an Assistant Librarian at Kyambogo University Library Service for a period of 10 Years (2000 – 2010) where he headed Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) service. He also worked as a School Librarian (1997-1999) at St. Henry’s College Kitovu Masaka. 


Mr. Daniel Osinde

He is the head of the Technical Services Department. He holds a bachelors degree in Library and Information Science, Makerere University. he has worked in the National for the past ten years. First as a library public libraries board which turned to public libraries board.He works at the Technical Services Department. He is also incharge of selecting beneficiaries for book donations and thus, anyone requesting for assistance are free to contact him.









Ms. Stella Nekuusa

She is the head of the Inspectorate, Research and Extension Services Department. She holds a bachelors degree in Library and Information Science, Makerere University. Contact details coming soon.

Ms. Hellen Muyomba

Hellen holds a Graduate Diploma in Leadership Development in ICT and the Knowledge Society from Dublin City University in Ireland 2014 and a Bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science (BLIS) from Makerere University 2003.

She is a professional Librarian with experience of over 14 years and she joined the National Library of Uganda in 2010 and currently she is the head of Information and Referral Service department. She worked with the Aga Khan Education Service as a school librarian for 3 years and briefly with Makerere University Faculty of Arts Library.

She engineered a project on behalf of National Library with the pregnant teenagers for a year which saw these young future mothers being trained in basic ICT skills to empower them economically after giving birth. Hellen has a passion for libraries and working with people at the grassroots especially the women and children.

She is also a member of the International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI) and a mentee in the INELI- Sub Saharan Africa which is part of a global network of librarians committed to development and implementing library services that improve lives of the people in communities.





1. Mr. Raymond Amanyabyoon

 Mr. Raymond Amanyabyoona, 31 years. He is a graduate with Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS) with honors from Uganda Christian University-Mukono. He is also a member of Uganda Library Information and Association (ULIA). Currently Raymond works with National Library of Uganda (NLU) in the department of Inspectorate, Research and Extension Services (IRES) which oversees all Public and Community libraries in Uganda. 

At NLU, he has worked on number of projects which includes Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL) where he trained unemployed youth in Computer skills to get jobs. He was also on the team which won Libraries for Development Contest at Beyond Access Local Alternatives for Global Development on October 3rd 2012 in the USA. Under this project, Raymond also trained teenage pregnant mothers with computer skills. Apart from that, he has also worked on projects with Book Aid International which Includes Changing Libraries for Children Project,   Open Doors Children's Corners Project, Digital Future for Ugandan Libraries Project among others.






 2. Ms. Daisy Ashabaheebwa

Daisy is a graduate of Library and Information science, Makerere University. At the National Library of Uganda, she works in the reference library. She is also passionate about the information needs of the community and strives to ensure that they are all met. She is wedded and has two handsome boys. 









3. Ms Jennifer Nalwanga 

She is an Assistant Librarrian in the IRES department who is very skilled in children's reading tents. She enjoys travelling and making new friends.

4. Mr. Jonath Nsiimenta

Jona Holds a Bachelor in Library and InformationScience, Makerere University and volunteers at the reference library. He is a patient man, very social and loves his job. Jona has also worked with a number of other organisations like Keyworth  Consultants Kabalagala, Uganda Community Libraries Association and DSTV Uganda. His diverse skills are so commendable that any organisation can greatly benefit from. 







 5. Ms. Anne Bolyn  Atwiine




Ms Atwiine is a volunteer librarian under the Technical Services Department. She holds a bachelors degree in LIS, Makerere University.











6. Ms. Jacintha Nabageseera

She is  attached to r the Technical Services Department.She holds a bachelors degree in LIS, Makerere University.








8. Ms. Julian Namboozo

Julian holds a bachelor of Library and Information Science-Makerere University and a final year student pursuing a Masters in Information Science-Makerere University. She works in the reference section.