International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI-SSAf

Program for Lira Public Library

INELI-SSAf of AfLIA is a programme for Lira Public Library. It was for developing an advocacy plan to support UN 2030 Agenda and SDGs. Lira public library using the IFLA international advocacy programme is designing a program called Equal access of resources and opportunities for women . information seeking skills on equal rights and income potential. The plan is to engage families and women by sensitizing, providing information as a means of mobilizing or rallying women to use the public library. The plan will practically show the women the availability and usefulness of different information for their health and well being, employment opportunities, income potential and ICT usage.

-Women will receive computer skills to prepare and keep them relevant for the job market.

-Women and girls will receive opportunities to engage in leadership and decision making activities through provision of infromation and networking in the Library.

-Women and girls will receiveinformation seeking skills on equal rights and income potential.

Research shows that there are varying degrees of disparity in access to opportunities between different social groups. This disparity extends to gender relations. Considering that women constitute over 51.2 percent of the population, It is important that they have equal access to resources and opportunities if the country is to realize the full potential of its human resources.

This disparity also extends to the Library. Library statistics over the last three years shows more male use the library compared to their female counter parts probably because of the following:

-Domestic house hold chores which reduces on their time for the library use.

-Poor attitude towards the library

-Ignorance; they are not aware of the value of the library and its services.

-Infrastructure development; the library is far from thier homesteads.

-The existing library services seem not to address their priority needs.

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