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Bishop Festo Kivengere I love Idi Amin: The story of triumph under fire in the midst of suffering and persecuting in Uganda ISBN:978-9970-9773-0-7 2017 Kisuule Anthony 705007770    
David Wanyama The Legacy ISBN:978-9970-9772-0-8 2017 750623270    
 Julius Paul Isabiye  Is Any Sick; God's Will To Heal All  ISBN:978-9970-9709-0- 2016   782240353    
  Julius Paul Isabiye  Prayer that works: How to have timely results in Prayer   ISBN:978-9970-9709-01 2016   782240353    
  Julius Paul Isabiye  The effective tithe: understanding the keys to walking in the fullness of God's blessing on Tithes & offerings   ISBN:978-9970-9709-02  2017  782240353    
 Ramathan I., Obongo I., Semalulu O., & Shim H. Common Pests & Diseases of Vegetables in Uganda  ISBN:978-9970-9770-0-0  2017  73100062     
 Orimwesiga Benson Making money God's way  ISBN:978-9970-9774-0-6  2017  782900065/701900065     
 Fountain publishers   ISBN:978-9970-617   2017 414543443     
 Tonny Atida Reason enough not to fail ISBN: 978-9970-9759-0-7  2017   7538000000    
 Ntende Tom God's way transformational leadership  ISBN: 978-9970-9769-0-4   2017 703200787     
 Matiak T.G. Geoffret Okello The deliverance power of God   ISBN: 978-9970-9287-4-3 2017   701679284/781574059    
  Matiak T.G. Geoffret Okello  An instrument of God  ISBN: 978-9970-9287-5-0  2017  701679284/781574059    
 Nakimera Kanyerezi Lubega  Happily ever after: Tips and  lessons from dating to parenting ISBN: 978-9970-9752-0-4   2017  772445424    
 Nyombi Martin The mystery of God in football: God's myster in football  ISBN: 978-9970-9754-0-3   2017  773234658    
 Emmanuel Winerson Mukisa Easy guitar : Learn to play acoustic guitar the easiest way ISBN: 978-9970-9745-0-4  2017  701287016     
Penelope Sanyu   Stranger in my bed ISBN: 978-9970-9744-0-5  2017   702070905    
 Integrated Efforts in culture for Development  A dream come true: Growing up ISBN: 978-9970-9742-0-7   2017  702338823/ 782673257    
Rhymers poetry club   With pens that shout and mouths that shut: Poems from Nabisunsa Girls school  ISBN: 978-9970-9743-0-6  2017  750873818    
 Florence Ndagire Ssenyonjo Leadership essentials: Keep these with you as you front the line   ISBN: 978-9970-9749-0-0  2017 778043633     
 Eveleen Amolo M.O. Girl you got it!   ISBN: 978-9970-9740-0-9  2017  772437121    
 Rosalie Olunloyo UK to UG with love: Celebrating the lives of successful women  ISBN: 978-9970-9741-0-8  2017   712269893    
 Mwecumi Diana Kids' devotional  ISBN: 978-9970-9758-0-8   2017 700630722     
 Sandra Karungi Turyasingura Pictures of God  ISBN:978-9970-610-13- 6  2017  757614782    
 Grace Andrew Ndawula  Deeper Literature guide  ISBN: 978-9970-9734-0-8  2017 751771123     
 Erastus Batuma Tomu Tomusange Omusu ogutawola  ISBN: 978-9970-9737-1-2   2017 779001128     
 Blessing publishers    ISBN: 978-9970-604-10-4 2017   753540734    
 Blessing publishers     ISBN: 978-9970-604-11-1  2017   753540734    
 Blessing publishers    ISBN: 978-9970-604-12-8  2017   753540734     
 Blessing publishers     ISBN: 978-9970-604-13-5  2017  753540734     
 Blessing publishers     ISBN: 978-9970-604-14-2   2017  753540734     
 Blessing publishers     ISBN: 978-9970-604-15-9 2017   753540734     
 Blessing publishers      ISBN: 978-9970-604-16-6 2017   753540734     
 Blessing publishers     ISBN: 978-9970-604-17-3  2017   753540734     
 Blessing publishers     ISBN: 978-9970-604-18-0 2017   753540734     
 Blessing publishers      ISBN: 978-9970-604-19-7 2017   753540734     
 Nshimiye Allan Rugayampunzi  Tears of a commando   ISBN: 978-9970-9689-1-6  2017  701911111     
Raymond Mugalu Muluuta  Simplified approarch to O-Level History 241/i   ISBN: 978-9970-9750-0-6 2017   753262606    
 Brian Paul T. Senfuma  Stories from the mission field  ISBN:978-9970-610-00  2017 772917939     
Angella Senfuma Murungi  The quick fix    ISBN:978-9970-610-00 2017  772867364     
Barry Godwin Zizinga  Letting God drive your marriage    ISBN:978-9970-610-00 2017  775557061     
Fiona A. Luboga  Handbook for first time mothers    ISBN:978-9970-610-00 2017  782123000     
Edith F. Namusoke Senfuma  You are special    ISBN:978-9970-610-00 2017  772507226     
Oasis book project  Saving little Viola    ISBN:978-9970-613-00-7  2017  703350890    
Oasis book project   Miracle lu Amuru    ISBN:978-9970-613-01-4        
Oasis book project   Jewels Amuria   ISBN:978-9970-613-02-1         
Oasis book project   Dad's party   ISBN:978-9970-613-03-8         
Oasis book project   Kairu's secret   ISBN:978-9970-613-04-5         
Oasis book project   The wise milkboy   ISBN:978-9970-613-05-2         
Oasis book project   Tree to heaven   ISBN:978-9970-613-06-9         
Oasis book project   Jomo's car   ISBN:978-9970-613-07-6         
Oasis book project   Jomo's gift   ISBN:978-9970-613-08-3         
Oasis book project   The little maid   ISBN:978-9970-613-09-0         
 Oasis book project  The hare and the hyena   ISBN:978-9970-613-10-6         
 Izama Martin English language revision: Manual for primary   ISBN:978-9970-9756-0-0   2017 772953232     
 Nesta Kirindi Nkore yawe: Ebyevugo, ebyeshongoro ebigano namwe n'ebindi   ISBN:978-9970-9755-0-1 2017  70314994     
 J. Baksteen  Joy: The power of ministry   ISBN:978-9970-9732-0-0   2017  772601325    
 Ssenyonjo Stephen Photography simplified     ISBN:978-9970-9748-0-1  2017  779130037     
 Dr. Jones Yosia Kyazze Thirty six years later: A unique love story    ISBN:978-9970-9733-0-9   2017



 Noeline Kirabo  Finding your significance, fine capitals in business, commanding your morning    ISBN:978-9970-9730-0-2  2017  7028772018    
Noeline Kirabo       ISBN:978-9970-9730-1-9         
Noeline Kirabo       ISBN:978-9970-9730-2-6        
Noeline Kirabo       ISBN:978-9970-9730-3-3        
Noeline Kirabo       ISBN:978-9970-9730-4-0         
 Nviiri Goefrey (NARO) The guide to sustainable dairy production for small holder households in Northern Uganda     ISBN:978-9970-9578-1-1   2017  782717409    
 Evelyn Nuwagaba Love came crashing     ISBN:978-9970-9747-0-2   2017  700220011    
 Moses Mukisa  Commotion at the gate     ISBN:978-9970-9746-0-3  2017  782190029    
 Edison Kakitahi Katemba Applied microsoft excel     ISBN:978-9970-9776-0-4   2017 700634371     
 Ally Nkonge (Kyeyune publishers) Creative writing and publishing in developing countries: A guide to potential writers   ISBN:978-9970-9373-2-5  2017 705172078     
Ally Nkonge (Kyeyune publishers)  Islamic literary aesthetics and Islamic research in literature  ISBN:978-9970-9373-3-2 2017       
Ally Nkonge (Kyeyune publishers)   Struggling to become rich through genuine means ISBN:978-9970-9373-4-9  2017       
Ally Nkonge (Kyeyune publishers)  School stakeholders' effects on learners and the school in a developing country  ISBN:978-9970-9373-5-6 2017       
Ally Nkonge (Kyeyune publishers)  Hysteria and other short stories  ISBN:978-9970-9373-6-3  2017       
 NARO  Sustainable land management manual for training of trainers volume 1: Soil, water management, forestry and energy conservation ISBN:978-9970-9775-0-5  2017 



NARO    Sustainable land management manual for training of trainers volume 2: Soil, water management, forestry and energy conservation  ISBN:978-9970-9775-1-2  2017  772615009


 Rachel A. Baalessanvu  Quotes and scripture on prayer: A priceless gift touching heaven changing earth     ISBN:978-9970-9751-0-5  2017 793996514    
 Julia Kisakye Foundations: Love is the standard     ISBN:978-9970-9753-0-3  2017   785095667    
 Amanda Tumusiime Another time another place    ISBN:978-9970-612-00-0  2017  782814420

Amanda Tumusiime  Advocating for full inclusion with sign language htrough art for the deaf  community   ISBN:978-9970-612-01-7  2017      
Amanda Tumusiime    ISBN:978-9970-612-02-4  2017       
Amanda Tumusiime    ISBN:978-9970-612-03-1  2017       
Amanda Tumusiime    ISBN:978-9970-612-04-8  2017       
Amanda Tumusiime    ISBN:978-9970-612-05-5  2017       
Amanda Tumusiime    ISBN:978-9970-612-06-2  2017       
Amanda Tumusiime    ISBN:978-9970-612-07-9  2017       
Amanda Tumusiime    ISBN:978-9970-612-08-6  2017       
Amanda Tumusiime    ISBN:978-9970-612-09-3  2017       
 Moran publishers Ltd Moran primary religious education-pupils book 5   ISBN:978-9970-614-00-4  2017 



 Moran publishers Ltd  Moran primary religious education-teachers book 5   ISBN:978-9970-614-01-1         
 Moran publishers Ltd  Moran primary religious education-pupils book 6   ISBN:978-9970-614-02-8          
 Moran publishers Ltd  Moran primary religious education-teachers book 6   ISBN:978-9970-614-03-5          
 Moran publishers Ltd  Moran primary religious education-pupils book 7  ISBN:978-9970-614-04-2         
 Moran publishers Ltd  Moran primary religious education-teachers book 7   ISBN:978-9970-614-05-9         
 Moran publishers Ltd    ISBN:978-9970-614-06-6          
 Moran publishers Ltd    ISBN:978-9970-614-07-3          
 Moran publishers Ltd    ISBN:978-9970-614-08-0          
 Moran publishers Ltd    ISBN:978-9970-614-09-7          
 Makerere University Press publications Runyakitara language studies: A handbook for learners and teachers of Runyakitara / Oswald Ndoleriire  ISBN:978-9970-611-00-3  2017   772436771  
 Makerere University Press publications   Modernisation of Luganda terminology in the field of linguistics / Sauda Namyalo ISBN:978-9970-611-01-0  2017      
 Makerere University Press publications   Identity, power and culture: Imbalu initiation among Bamasaba / Wotsuna Khamalwa ISBN:978-9970-611-02-7  2017       
 Makerere University Press publications   Contemporary African Philosophers: A critical appraisal / Wilfred Lajul ISBN:978-9970-611-03-4  2017       
 Makerere University Press publications   From colonialism to independence / Semakula Kiwanuka ISBN:978-9970-611-04-1  2017       
 Makerere University Press publications    ISBN:978-9970-611-05-8         
 Makerere University Press publications    ISBN:978-9970-611-06-5         
 Makerere University Press publications    ISBN:978-9970-611-07-2         
 Makerere University Press publications     ISBN:978-9970-611-08-9        
 Makerere University Press publications    ISBN:978-9970-611-09-6         
Ariho Kamara Live your brand: You were created to stand out- quit trying to fit in ISBN:978-9970-610-17-4  2017  774529348   
Beatrice Byemanzi  Powerful living: Life on God's terms


 2017  776737083   
Jeremy Byemanzi Man on top: Lessons on my journey to manhood  ISBN:978-9970-610-15-0   2017 772626695   
 Timothy K. Mwesigwa  The music of worship: Making music your greatest worship tool ISBN:978-9970-610-14-3  2017   702727336  
 Winnie N. Malinga  Tales of courage:Inspiring you to great hights ISBN:978-9970-610-31-0  2017  754533638    
 Davey Reich Turyasingura Bringing ideas to life: My business adventures  ISBN:978-9970-610-13-6   2017 752261227   
Sandara Karungi Turyasingura   Pictures of God ISBN:978-9970-610-13-6   2017  757614782   
 Vision group Uganda: Buildinh a nation  ISBN:978-9970-447-00-8          
 Vision group  Ekitiibwa kya Buganda: Ebyafaayo by'obwakabaka okumala emyaka 800  ISBN:978-9970-447-02-2         
 Vision group  Harvest money with 50 0f Uganda's best farmers  ISBN:978-9970-447-03-9    2015  0312337000  
 Vision group  Mutebi, Kabaka wange  ISBN:978-9970-447-04-6          
 Vision group  Paapa Francis  ISBN:978-9970-447-05-3   2015       
 Vision group  Harvest money with 50 of Uganda's best farmers   ISBN:978-9970-447-06-0          
 Yusuf Kikambi House 4 rent  ISBN: 978-9970-9784-0-3   2018  0706906071   
 Samuel Kasanka  Am gladi was left alone  ISBN: 978-9970-9782-0-5  2018  0772979053,0706088900  samuelkasanka@gmail,  
 Lois Nakibuuka    ISBN: 978-9970-9783-0-4  2018