About NLU

Our Background

The National Library of Uganda was established by the National Library Act, 2003. This Act repealed the Public Libraries Act, 1964 which had established the Public Libraries Board. The Board had been charged with the responsibility of establishing, equipping, managing and maintaining libraries in Uganda. Following the enactment of the Local Governments Act, 1997, this responsibility was decentralized to the local governments.


The National Library of Uganda currently operates under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.  It has a governing Board of nine members drawn from the Book Sector, Research Institutions, Cultural Institutions and the Educational Sector. Thus, consists of a chairperson and eight other members appointed by the Minister. The members  hold office for a period of three years and are eligible for re-appointment for one further term.


The National Library of Uganda has four major departments namely:

Office of the Director
The office of the Director is responsible for Board matters, policy formulation and execution, finance, overall administration, staff matters and liaison with other government agencies. The department is headed by the Director who is assisted by the Deputy Director, Senior Accountant, Office Superintendent and support staff.